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Facts of Interest - Writing a paper and need some good quotes? Here's a growing collection of direct quotes and factual summaries from a variety of popular books, and some books that haven't been read by many...but should.



There is a spiritual side to mankind. Much has been written about man's spirituality (or the lack thereof) but nothing in the entire history of mankind has ever dealt with mankind's spirit and his spiritual condition like the Ancient texts written thousands of years ago, commonly known as the Jewish and Christian Bible. I say "Jewish and Christian" because the first portion of what is commonly called "The Bible" is a record of Jewish origin in that it is a recorded history (and much more) of the Jews. The other part of the Bible, which traditional Jews reject, is also a record and is also an important historical document (and of course, far more than that). That is what is commonly called "The New Testament."



You'll find here some 
choice readings from

The Old Testament 
The New Testament. 

Also, you'll
find some essays that
are luminous for
your  journey
including this message
in Arabic.



some selections from the Holy Bible that you might have missed...

The Elite: The US Navy Seals are America's elite warriors. Christians have had their elite warriors, too. A sermonic message to inspire one to dare to be one of the elite. [mp3 - 7.6 meg

Walking on Water: A short Bible Study on Matthew 14 (story of Peter walking on the water) - [mp3 - 9 meg] (smaller version, less sound quality: 3.9 meg here

Ancient Jewish Prophecy of a Messiah

Below are some treatises on some subjects that ought 
to interest any person who calls him or herself a Christian.

A Lamb in China - Story about a 20th Century Martyr
CAN A CHRISTIAN KILL A HUMAN? Is Pacificism legit? Is it always wrong to kill another human? If so, why? These and other questions raised.
WALKING ON THE WATERS OF LIFE (pdf file) An Outline for teaching some important lessons in life. Source: Matt. 14:25-32 (Bible). Outline used in a message delivered at the First Conference of the Lambs in N. Carolina
IS GOD REALLY IN CONTROL? Sometimes it seems that way
PREDATORS: Homegrown for Mass Destruction - Hollywood & The Game Producers are bending the minds of our children. And we're letting them warp the minds of the children who are growing up to murder us - over 17,000 of us, in a recent year.
Leaving the IFBx Fold - A look at the extreme difficulty of a Christian who has been a long time member of an IFBx church to leave such a church and effectively serve God elsewhere. This article is written to assist those of you who have made or are attempting to make such a transition.
When the Godly are ungoldly... Ever wonder why a pastor with an impeccible reputation suddenly falls into gross immorality and disgrace? Here's 5 reasons.
WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LUST? A look at why some fall into the the deadly trap of lust.
Grace & Roadkill - God does change lives
Defining Evil & Good: The Ultimate Model - What is evil? What is good?
EVIL MEN: Sometimes we fear them. What should we do?
Crucifixion: The Passion of the Christ examined. A perspective you may not have known.
WISDOM -Do you understand it?  Are you wise enough to know how to know the truth about a matter?

PASSION - It is the difference.

HARD TIMES - Are you suffering through some hard days? Do you wonder how you're going to make it? If you'll listen to these words, I guarantee they will help.

THE BAD SHEPHERD. What does a church member do with a bad shepherd?

SHARING BREAD - The American Christian is unable to pray "Lord, give us this day our daily bread..."

ANGELS Do they exist? One man's story about angels

Ангелы. Посещают ли они нас сегодня?  Вот история человека, который видел ангела. Он не верил в ангелов. Он верит сейчас. (кликните на свечу).

[Russian version click here]

DOCTRINE: How important is it? How do we stand against heresy? Here are some thoughts.

HOW TO BUILD YOUR FAITH. Growing faith is not waiting for a "magic bullet" from heaven with your name on it.
Loneliness. Ever been in a crowd and felt completely alone? There is a cure.
AND GOD WENT TO WAR WITH A KING:A word picture on the story of King Hezekiah and the Assyrian King Senacherib. It is one of the gems found in the history of the Jewish people.
AMERICA'S FUTURE: Are we doomed? Some musings on the end of the world...and America
The Scourging. A word picture on the Scourging of Jesus. What was it like for one Disciple to watch the man he'd followed, who'd claimed to be God, be humiliated, beaten to a bloody pulp and murdered? Here is the image that leaps to mind as I read that powerful story found in the Bible.
PAYDAY SOMEDAY ! We all want vengance on our enemies. Stick around. It will come. But not from you or me.
The Finger of Faith --How much faith does it take to move God?

Faith or Fear? Which will you choose? --Fear is the #1 killer of our faith today.

Walking in the Spirit--Ever wonder HOW? Is it a strange ritual? Magic Bullet From Heaven? A "2nd Blessing?" An Anointing? A Baptism of the Holy Spirit? What does it take? Read this article. Might surprise some of you.
Depression --So many are depressed. Perhaps you are one of those. If so, know that you're not alone. Before you, some giants of the faith were depressed. Learn how to overcome this faith killer.
How To Tell if a Ministry is Cultic--We seldom think of a Baptist church as being a cult, but many churches today, Baptists as well as others, are on the road to becoming a cult or are cultic in their practices. This is idolatry in its purest form.
WHO HAS THE TRUTH? Having trouble sorting it all out? Does your brain threaten to shut down from the onslaught of the "peddlers of truth"? Do you really want to know who, amongst the "gurus of the faith," really has the truth? There is a way to know.
The Story of Peter - Here is a narrative rendering a perspective that makes the story come alive for the reader.


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