Voyle A. Glover

In the fifties, there was a song entitled “Why Do Fools Fall in Love,” by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. A version of that song, retitled, with the same melody, would probably be a hit in the Evangelical, Fundamental Baptist and Charismatic world. The title would be: "Why Do Fools Fall in Lust?” The lyrics would be altered as follows:

Why do fools fall in lust?

Why do birds sing so gay

And lovers await the break of day

Why do they fall in lust

Why does the rain fall from up above

Why do fools fall in lust

Why do they fall in lust

Lust is a losing game

Lust can be a shame

I know of some fools you see

For those fools aren’t free

Tell me why

Tell my why

Why do birds sing so gay

And lovers await the break of day

Why do they fall in lust

Why does the rain fall from up above

Why do fools fall in lust

Why do they fall in lust

Why does their heart skip this crazy beat

For I know

It will reach defeat

Tell me why

tell me why

Why do fools fall in lust?

Dr. Lark's Trilane While I’m doubtful the owner of the rights to the song would agree to any such new “arrangement” of the song, I’m convinced it could revive the "oldie" from the dust pile of history and give it a new life. It might be that those who fall victim to lust would make it a hit all over again. It’s plaintive wail could be the solace they seek after the fall.


While I speak facetiously of course, my point is serious. Christians by the thousands are being fools by falling in lust. All wonder why. The betrayed spouses wonder why. The friends wonder why. The one who falls, wonders why. The question asked again and again is: Tell me why!


Every Christian man who falls in lust eventually asks that question of himself. Why? Why did it happen. Why did I let it happen? Why couldn’t I stop before it went too far?


We’ve seen pastor after pastor fall in lust, committing adultery, or sometimes, worse. Christian leaders are not immune to this plague that sweeps across our land and decimates our pulpits and pews. Sunday School teachers and a host of others sitting in the pews of our churches have fallen victim to lust. Moral purity, even for those who call themselves Christian, can be an elusive goal. Those who fall into immorality are not necessarily bad people. They are, in a real sense, victims themselves, betrayed by their own flesh, and often ignorant as to the reasons why they fell. It is not uncommon for those who careen out of control to never come to know the real reason why they hit a "brick wall" in life.


searching for answersThe Reasons Offered


 There are many reasons offered for this incredible wave of immorality that is sweeping over our churches today. Fundamental Baptists, who sometimes want to blame much of the wickedness of this generation on liberals, and the lack of standards, and the lack of "soul winning," can’t blame the liberals. Some of the staunchest and most fundamental of pastors and leaders and laymen, men who endorsed and promoted the most rigid of standards, have fallen into immorality over the years. It had nothing to do with their political views, nor did it have anything to do with whether they were conservative Christians, orthodox, fundamental or otherwise, nor the standards they espoused, nor the many souls they marched down the isles.


devil thinkingThe Charismatic crowd wants to blame it all on the devil or a frailty of the flesh common to all mankind. The tearful confession of Jimmy Swaggart never gave anyone a real reason for his fall into lust, and everyone who viewed the confession came away with the conclusion that the reason was plain ole lust. But, I suggest that is a simplistic reason that dodges the question: Why do fools fall in lust?


The Evangelicals oft affix blame "on the flesh, of course." They will sometimes assign a litany of reasons, ranging from "legalism," or the lack of submission to God's grace, to "being spiritual babes," to wit, not having grown enough spiritually, to withstand those kinds of temptations. They miss the mark, too.


Individual Christians who've fallen in lust too often go to counseling and come away feeling better about themselves, strengthened by the notion that, after all, we’re all “just human,” and well, things like that happens to the best of us, and the counselors smile and say so piously, “there but for the grace of God, go I.” Far too many Christians are being seduced by jingoistic platitudes that fall from the lips of professionals and laity alike in an effort to deal with the effects of the crippling sin of immorality. But those kind of simplistic, "feel good about yourself" comforting words do nothing to answer the question: Why do fools fall in lust?


A vast array of the fallen do get counseling, some of it no doubt good and necessary, but alas, too often they come away convinced that their failure was being a workaholic, or being too busy for family and spouse, or, well, fill in the blank. There are many faults and failures within a marriage such that one could make his own laundry list and apply those reasons as to the answer to the question of why men and women fall in lust. Selfishness, pride, lack of self restraint in one's thought life, poor self image...the list goes on and on.


But, while such things indeed contribute to moral failure, none of those reasons really answer the question: Why do fools fall in lust?


Before we begin a discussion of the reason, there must be a consensus amongst Christians that our Bible is our source of truth. Unless that is established as a foundational truth, nothing that follows hereafter will make much sense, and you’re wasting your time reading further. If you do not accept the Bible as God’s Word, as truth revealed to man, then move along. Find your answers in the lyrics I've given herein. And, for those who are irritated at the word "fool," please realize that I'm merely using a word here that Christians use on themselves when they've fallen prey to lust. It's also a good biblical word. Nothing here should be taken to imply that such persons are now second-class Christians who cannot be used of God.


And, for those who have not fallen into adultery or fornication, my counsel to you is to pay very close attention to Paul's words: "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." (1 Cor. 10:12). Or, looking at it in a more contemporary rhetorical perspective: "There, but for the grace of God, go I."


Why Christians Fall in Lust


There is a single reason for any  Christian who falls into lust and that reason is spoken of within Scripture. It is found in Galatians, the 5th chapter and the 16th and 17th verses: “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. (17) For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.” Gal. 5:16-17.


The declaration here is a simple one: Walk in the Spirit and you’ll not fall into lust. Or put another way: If you fail to walk in the Spirit, then you will fall into lust.


Nothing could be clearer.


Now, for many that’s an answer unacceptable for a number of reasons. First, some might argue that it’s too simplistic. But, I suggest that it must be simple. It is a simple truth, not hard to comprehend. It is what is known in the law as prima facie, which is to say, the plain statement on its face, expresses a truth. It is evident on its face. There does not need to be an explanation of what it means. (I understand that the actual application of dealing with a fallen Christian is a complex and involved process, so in that sense, the proffered reasons here are indeed, simplistic.


Others will argue that while this renders a reason that is inarguably valid, it is akin to saying that the reason fools fall into lust is because of sin. But, I suggest that is akin to saying that the reason I got wet was because of the rain, since rain is water. The real answer is that I got wet because, for one reason or another, I was exposed to the rain. Thus, I did not get wet because of the rain, but because I did not get out of the rain in time to remain dry.


In these two verses, the reason for sinning is not sin, something Paul recognized as being present in the flesh, but rather it has to do with not availing one's self of the only means available to conquer sin, to wit: The Spirit of the Living God sent to dwell within those who are Christian. (See 1 Cor. 6:19). Paul, in these two verses in Galatians, has made a declarative statement without qualification. Falling in lust (sinning) is caused by a failure to walk in the Spirit.


Why Do Christians Fail to Walk in the Spirit?


Once you make that conclusion, you are then compelled to raise the next logical question: What is the cause of one’s failure to walk in the Spirit? I suggest once that question is answered to the satisfaction of every Christian such that he or she comprehends the consequences of such failure, the number of Christians who fall in lust will dramatically fall. I'm not saying any Christian who understands this passage will never sin, nor will such a person ever fall in lust. But, I am suggesting the numbers will diminish and the wounded in our corridors on display for the gawkers will quickly diminish.


However, once one accepts the validity that falling in lust by a believer is caused by a failure to walk in the Spirit, another question arises that must be answered: What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? And, of course, the question that cries for an answer, to wit, how does one walk in the Spirit?


The way to walk in the Spirit is found in the book of Colossians which says: "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him:”(Col. 2:6). Again, we have here a simple declaration that is prima facie evidence, that is, the matter is "evident on its face" as to its meaning. The only logical conclusion to be made from that statement is that the way to walk in the Spirit is by faith. The way you received Christ was by faith. It wasn’t something you did, such as a good deed, or saying some holy words. (See Romans 3:27). Further, we are told that we are to live by faith. “ "For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.” (Rom 1:17)


So then, we can conclude the following: (1) The only way to keep from falling into lust is to walk in the Spirit; and (2) The only way to walk in the Spirit is by faith.


Once you make these two simple conclusions, there is a third conclusion that is essential. But to get to it, we need to raise a simple question: If God has made only one way to avoid falling into lust, then can we conclude that it (not falling) must be possible to do? To say otherwise, of course, is ludicrous, since it would have God insisting that we d0 something that is impossible to do. So then, the third conclusion is: (3) God has made it possible for us to walk in the Spirit. That conclusion begs the answer to another question.


Why Do Christians Fail to Walk by Faith?


Christians routinely stumble in their walk with God. And, just as routinely, we utter a jingoistic platitude of being “only human” or some other such declaration as an excuse. But brethren, we must take responsibility for our failures. We own those failures. Here’s a conclusion that probably ought to be numbered as well: Every Christian who falls in lust chose to do it. It was not an accident. It was an intentional choice, an act for which there is no excuse. We can make any number of excuses for our failures of the flesh, but ultimately, there is no excuse, since God has made a way of escape, a way for us to not habitually live in the flesh and do the deeds of the flesh. We have been commanded to deaden, or put to death, or as the King James version says, to “mortify” the flesh (see Col. 3:5). Certainly that is possible to do, else it would not be commanded.


The Lack of Faith


Christians stumble because of a lack of faith. Peter, when walking on the water, suddenly sank. When Jesus plucked him from the waters, the rebuke given Peter was a simple one: “...wherefore didst thou doubt?” Matt. 14:32. Christians fail in their walk because they doubt. They doubt the reality of God. They doubt His promises. They doubt God’s ability, or they doubt that God will help them in this particular instance or area of their lives, or they simply doubt God will work in their lives. In a practical sense, we Christians often doubt God is able or willing to take care of our sinfulness by giving us victory in the flesh. In short, Christians routinely call God a liar.


Such must stop. We must fix the blame squarely on our shoulders, and repent of our unbelief, and fall on our faces before our God. We must cry out for help, believing He will perform what He promised, believing He will assist us in our walk, and that He will give strength to us. It is not enough to believe God is able. We must believe that He will enable us to walk in victory over the flesh.


Part of the need is for us to recognize our absolute dependence on God. There is nothing about us that is strength. At our strongest, we are pitifully weak. We are, all of us, insufficient for God’s needs, in our flesh, unless and until we are surrendered into His hands, to do with as He desires. That surrender is essential. That surrender is an act of faith. “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service.” (Rom 12:1).


The Apostle Paul came to understand this truth. He tells the Corinthians that when he came to them, he was there “in fear and in much trembling,” and “in weakness.” (See 1 Cor. 2:3) That’s a pretty powerful declaration with implications that are staggering. Here is a man we now know as probably the most important man in Christianity, insofar as his impact on the spread of the gospel, saying he was afraid, so afraid, he was trembling. He was shaking. Moreover, he was weak. Ah, but if you read the very next verse, it says “And my speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:” (I Cor. 2:4).

Protecting Your Church Against Sexual Predators

If you read his discourse in 1 Corinthians 12, you’ll see a man who came to grips with his weakness and prayed to be strong, to rid himself of a weakness, something he called a “thorn” in his flesh (which Paul no doubt felt kept him from being as effective in his ministry.) It was a weakness, and Paul wanted strength in place of that weakness. But, Jesus left the weakness in place and caused Paul to discover that it was that very weakness of which he complained, that gave him strength. He found that when he was weak, he was strong, for it is in weakness that Christ’s power is made manifest. You see, in our strength, we can take the credit for a thing, but in our weakness, there is no way we can rob God of the glory. In our weakness, we must rely upon God. In our weakness, we must rely on the strength of God to win our battles.


We must, as Christians, accept the fact that we are weakness personified. But then, we must recognize that God has made it possible for each of us to glorify Him in spite of, and perhaps because of, our weakness. God has chosen the weak things of the world. (1 Cor. 1:27). Moreover, God has, by and large, bypassed the mighty and the noble, and chosen the weak: you and me. (1 Cor. 1:26). Consider that the reason the strong are bypassed is because they are too proud to admit their weakness and to admit they are incapable of impressing God. Consider too, that the fools who fall in lust, have forgotten the truth of Titus 3:5.


For those who counsel and attempt to restore fallen brethren in the church, I contend that too often, we’ve made a profession out of making people feel good about why they fell into sin and we've failed them by giving them what amounts to “talking points” on the subject, broken down into sound bites that they can digest mentally, and can then accept as a spiritual solution to their failure (but is often mere philosphical platitudes mingled with biblical truths). Further, I remain convinced that unless those who are in the restoration business (see, e.g., Gal. 6:1) learn the true, biblical reasons why people fall into lust and learn the true biblical methods of showing them the way to avoid a repeat of their fall, we will never truly restore a fallen comrade. And worse, unless and until we learn and communicate the real reason for moral failure, there will continue to be this wounding, this often mortal wounding, of the brethren. Moreover, unless we understand, remember and practice the truths that we have learned are safeguards against such failures, we will stand a good chance of becoming one of the fools who fall in lust ourselves.


To the Fallen


If you have fallen, there is a simple solution: get up! Move on. Confess your sin and realize that while you have played the fool, there is nothing in the Bible that says you are hereafter labeled "fool," or that you cannot be used of God, or that you cannot serve Him, and that you must hereafter be branded. Your wound is not fatal, nor do you have to serve God with a "limp" to your walk ever more. While it's true, you will bear scars, understand that a scar is a healed wound that only serves as a reminder of the dangers of sin, and a reminder of the need to maintain our walk of faith.


In conclusion, realize that God has made it possible to walk the walk, not merely talk the talk. He has made the impossible, possible. Realize that you do not have to “self start,” that is, none of us have to, by will power, generate the necessary faith to walk in the Spirit. God even supplies that. Our sole responsibility is to believe. But even that ability comes from the Lord. He has enabled us to believe. To not believe is a deliberate choice we make. So then, since God has given us strict orders to walk by faith, we’re to make a grand assumption, to wit: God has (as opposed to will) enabled me to walk by faith and therefore, I shall walk in the Spirit. Act like a possessor of the life God has given instead of someone who has been robbed of his birthright. Remember, nothing can separate us from the love of God. (Romans 8:39).


No Christian has to be a fool who falls in lust. God made a way of escape.


There is no excuse for it.


Not one.


The End

copyright 2006 Voyle A. Glover

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